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The Tuli
The Tuli is of Tswana descent. The Tswana was originally a Bos Taurus animal that migrated down through to southern Africa where by mutations and natural selection over 5000 years it became ideally suited to a wide range of conditions across Zimbabwe while retaining a high level of fertility, early maturity and good meat carcass.

As farmers do you have any of the following problems in your herd?
  1. Low fertility
  2. Late maturing animals
  3. Calving problems
  4. Problems with tick or fly borne disease and internal parasites
  5. Poor grazing conditions
  6. Temperament problems
  7. Penning your animals at night
  8. Very cold or hot conditions
  9. Difficulty finding replacement bulls
  10. No backup from a breed society
Then the solutions for you are listed below

These problems are not new to Africa and natural adaptation over 5000yrs can be found in the Tuli.

1. The Tuli is primarily known for its high fertility and ability to produce calves every year in less than ideal conditions.

2. Tuli bulls are ready to work at 2yrs old and some of our breeders work them as hard as any mature bull. The heifers will be well ready for your bulling season in September at 20-24mths.

3. Tuli cows rarely have calving problems and the calves are never big.

4. The Tuli has a high level of natural resistance to ticks and flies and internal parasites. It has a short, straight and glossy coat which makes it difficult for ticks to latch on and dipping is very effective soaking through easily. Its skin is very tough and supple making it difficult for flies to bite. It has a long active tail with a thick strong tail-brush which can remove flies from the length of its body. They have been exposed to all the African tick and fly born disease and parasites over such a long period of time mutations and natural selection has increased their hardiness to a level that outside breeds cannot compete with.

5. The Tuli is renowned for surviving and reproducing in some of the most difficult grazing conditions from semi-arid desert to sourveld to coastal bush.

6. The Tuli is easy to handle, except for cows with new born calves. Bulls are extremely docile. Oxen tame and tractable.

7. Tuli are highly adaptable they have been penned overnight for centuries. They instinctively eat during the day and ruminate and sleep at night when penned.

8. They have also a natural ability to adapt to different conditions, in the cold conditions and snow of the Eastern Cape developing thicker coats and the skin is mottled indicating good blood circulation enabling them to cope with the heat of the lowveld.

9. The Tuli Society is the most active society in Zimbabwe. We have regular field days with breeders always happy to assist and over 1500 animals registered with the Zimbabwe herd book offering you a wide selection of quality animals.

The Tuli is a unique genotype being a Bos Taurus type that has been in Africa for 5000 years. It offers the Zimbabwean farmer a unique opportunity to get good hybrid vigour and fertility when crossed with the Indicus (Brahman, Afrikaner etc) breeds and adaptability and hardiness when crossed with a Taurus breed (Hereford, Limousin, Angus etc).



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